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Intimacy Coordinators: Hiring Resources

The role of an intimacy coordinator combines choreography and advocacy. Sourcing and hiring a trained, experienced Intimacy Coordinator is a key component in creating a safer set.

Below, find resources to support you in hiring qualified Intimacy Coordinators.

An intimacy coordinator working with actors on set
We're not just there for scenes of simulated sex. Our role is so much broader than that. We're there for kissing scenes. We're there for birthing scenes. We're there for bathing scenes. Anytime an actor is in a vulnerable position or we're portraying intimacy, whether that's platonic or romantic, that's what our job requires.
Elizabeth Talbot
Intimacy Coordinator, Bridgerton
Intimacy Coordinator on set with two actors

SAG-AFTRA’s Intimacy Coordinator Registry & Pre-Registry Lists

As part of SAG-AFTRA’s ongoing commitment to building a safer work environment for members performing in scenes involving nudity and simulated sex or other intimate scenes, an intimacy coordinator registry list has now been established. It builds on the Standards and Protocols for the Use of Intimacy Coordinators originally introduced in January 2020.

The Registry and Pre-Registry lists are only provided as a resource for employers and are not intended to imply an endorsement of any individual or company by SAG-AFTRA. SAG-AFTRA reviews submitted documentation and only confirms that the minimum requirements have been met. These lists are for informational purposes only. Producers are not required to hire from this list. Please note that SAG-AFTRA is not a service provider for training or certification programs.

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Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (IDC) is the leading organization pioneering a variety of best practices for performed intimacy, simulated sex, nudity, and hyper exposed scene work for theatre, live performance, tv and film.

Our Mission is to equip every institution and individual artist in the entertainment industry with the resources and education needed to create a culture of consent in which intimate stories can be told with safety and artistry. We envision a world in which intimacy is a vital and joyful part of storytelling, and all artists are able to work consensually, bringing their whole selves to the work and honoring one another’s individual humanity.

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Intimacy Professionals Association is the first agency in the world to specialize in representing intimacy professionals for film and television. In addition, IPA works to increase awareness of intimacy work, offers intimacy coordinator training and certification programs, and offers consulting services for studios, production companies, and industry organizations.

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We understand that the field of intimacy work in theatre, film and television is not as diverse as it can be. Intimacy Coordinators of Color plans to change that by offering quality consultancy, advocacy and equality for the Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities.

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