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Hiring & Training: The Handy Foundation

Created by editor Ri-Karlo Handy, initially as a database for editors of color, The Handy Foundation is committed to “connecting below-the-line workers to job opportunities in Hollywood, providing professional development while helping studios and networks meet diversity and inclusion goals.”

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Ri-Karlo Handy

"You’re not going to find the showrunner that you want, the editor you want or the producer you want today if you haven’t been helping create those people four or five years ago. At some point, somebody, somewhere has to give you your first opportunity."
Ri-Karlo Handy
Editor, Founder, The Handy Foundation
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On the Handy Foundation site, employers can post a specific job opportunity, or sign up to request access to the full list of BIPOC talent. Additionally, the foundation offers a trainee program where talent are placed at studios including Netflix, BET, and more.

Via {The foundation} have now trained almost 75 individuals and placed 24 of them in long-term jobs, and Handy hopes to expand the program to 300 people each year going forward.

It specifically offers four programs that differ based on age and level of interest and expertise, and the costs for the programs are supplemented by the city of Los Angeles, the Urban League and partnering production studios.

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A lot of times Hollywood makes it seem like these jobs are so hard to do or are so unattainable, but really you just have to take the time to teach people, and that’s what the foundation does.
Ri-Karlo Handy

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