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Hiring Databases: Black Beauty Roster

Black Beauty Roster’s mission is to bring meaningful diversity across the fashion and entertainment industry by amplifying the work and talent of Black Beauty Professionals.

We believe this can be done by increasing visibility, access and opportunity for Black Beauty Pros, while also educating the industry and non BIPOC Beauty Professionals on textured hair and diverse skin tones.


As we continue to see more diverse talent in front of the camera, we have to ensure we are diversifying behind the camera as well — especially with hair and makeup. We’ve seen and heard of too many on-set hair and makeup horror stories from talent of color and it’s time we change the narrative.
Simone Tetteh
Black Beauty Roster co-founder

Via NBC News: “Black actors have brought their own hair and makeup to sets and complained about subpar service from white makeup artists and hairstylists for decades. The disparity comes from a systemic dearth of Black artists and stylists represented in Hollywood’s celebrity hair and makeup union, which functions as the gatekeeper for who gets movie or TV work in entertainment. Even as more films and TV shows feature or star Black actors, their needs for adequate hair and makeup are often not being addressed behind the scenes, which ultimately shows up on screen.”

Black Beauty Roster can directly connect employers to talented hair and makeup artists of color through their accessible, easily searchable database – and they also provide access to workshops and training for artists at all levels to advance their skills.

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Recognizing this pervasive issue and how they could contribute to systemic change, WarnerMedia launched a new partnership with Black Beauty Roster. Via Variety:

“At the beginning of February, WarnerMedia and BBR launched a dedicated support website, where executives and producers can access the lineup of diverse hair and makeup talent across the U.S. and Canada (both union and non-union professionals) to staff the company’s sets and big events (think Comic-Con or DC Fandome). The website also features a section where employees can anonymously ask questions about hair and makeup.”


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