The ReFrame Project

ReFrame™ is the screen industry’s gender equity coalition, founded and led by Sundance Institute and Women In Film, Los Angeles (WIF). The ReFrame Project was initially branded as the Systemic Change Project, and its current work encompasses a series of initiatives delivered by a unique strategy: a peer-to-peer approach, in which ReFrame Ambassadors engage with senior industry decision-makers at over 50 Partner companies.

The coalition’s goals are to provide research, support, and a practical framework that can be used by Partner companies (studios, production and media companies) to mitigate bias during the creative decision-making and hiring process, celebrate successes, and measure progress toward a more gender-representative industry on all levels.

ReFrame’s key initiatives include issuing the ReFrame Stamp, a mark of distinction presented in partnership with IMDbPro for film and television projects that demonstrate a commitment to gender equity; ReFrame Rise, a pipeline program that provides industry sponsorship to mid-career industry professionals, and the ReFrame ReSource.

In 2017, ReFrame published the first ReFrame Culture Change Handbook, a print publication that highlighted best practices to mitigating bias and creating a more equitable industry. It included the 14-point ReFrame Production Roadmap, which was adopted by more than 50 companies and has led to the development of many in-house DE&I resources within these partner companies.

The ReFrame ReSource is intended to be an additive, accessible expansion of this Roadmap, created through collaboration and amplification of the work of our partners and leaders in the movement for intersectional gender justice. This is a work in progress – we welcome feedback and collaboration as we continue to evolve the site.

The ReSource focuses primarily on scripted content, which is where ReFrame’s research and work is centered. If you are interested in collaborating on resources for unscripted content, please get in touch.

ReFrame is generously supported by:

The ReFrame ReSource, expanded from the original ReFrame Production Roadmap created by ReFrame’s Co-Founders and ReFrame Ambassadors, was developed in partnership with Teal Media.

ReFrame would like to thank the following individuals that contributed to the evolution strategy from the Roadmap to the ReSource: Holly Bakarich, Reid Thompson, Jennifer Tomassi, Becca Kinskey, Courtney Jamison, Kelly Wynn, Gabrielle Ebron, Melinda Li, Ann Marie Grey, Yasmin Dunn, Genevieve Winters, and Alison Emilio, as well as ReFrame Council Members and Ambassadors Channing Dungey, Franklin Leonard, Bird Runningwater, Rena Ronson, Kirsten Schaffer, Michelle Satter, Keri Putnam, and Cathy Schulman. Additionally, ReFrame would like to acknowledge the work of all ReSource partners, featured organizations and allied organization leaders who have contributed to the site. We look forward to continuing collaboration.

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