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Staff Me Up’s expanded production hiring platform seeks to disrupt biased hiring practices, which have gotten in the way of true equity and diversity in the industry. At the same time, the initiative looks to ensure that studios and production houses have a direct pipeline to candidates of diverse backgrounds, and that there is transparency regarding available job opportunities.


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"This job matching platform has the potential to break the cycles of discriminatory hiring in the industry, providing the infrastructure that hiring managers need to make good on their parent companies’ commitments to achieving diversity and equity in the industry."
Amity Paye
Color of Change

About Staff Me Up

Created in 2003, Staff Me Up is the leading hiring platform for media production, where people who work in the industry go to hire and get hired. The platform is powered by a proprietary algorithm that provides over 350,000+ freelancers with access to exclusive production jobs and insights to help them advance their careers; and gives 3,000+ media production companies the ability to efficiently hire qualified crew members.

Staff Me Up’s goal is to help ensure that Diversity and Inclusion are incorporated throughout the hiring process.

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We are committed to building tools and to forging partnerships that will empower the people and the organizations that make up our production community, as we strive together to turn this goal into a reality.
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Staff Me Up’s goal is to help rewrite the rules of hiring, in service of a fairer, less insular and more equitable and diverse industry. To that end, their site offers not only a large and comprehensive database of diverse talent, but also a user friendly platform for employers to post unlimited job opportunities and be immediately connected with talent.

Staff Me Up works closely with partner Diversity Advocacy Organizations including Color of Change, HUE You Know, Film Fatales, NALIP, RespectAbility and more to create opportunities for employer job postings to be circulated more widely. Further, professionals with profiles on the database can indicate affiliations with these groups on their individual profile.

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