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Collection of Lists of Underrepresented Writers

Featured throughout the ReSource with their #WriteInclusion factsheets and other tools, the Think Tank for Inclusion and Equity (TTIE) also aggregates open-source lists of underrepresented talent that are available for staffing opportunities.

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Ultimately, TTIE is dedicated to building a future where authentic representation is the norm from the writer’s room to the screen because storytelling is about capturing the human experience no matter the race, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, or abilities of a person. Everyone deserves a chance to share their lived experience and write stories that matter to them and their communities. And as the stats continue to show, offering a wider lens that includes diverse communities leads to growing audiences who are craving fresh content that acknowledges our changing social climate.
Fighting Stereotypes and Rethinking Representation
Think Tank for Inclusion & Equity

On their website, TTIE links to a number of free, accessible writer-led databases designed to support and uplift underrepresented talent.

These lists provide support in sourcing:

  • Asian-American / Pacific-Islander Writers
  • Black / African-American Writers
  • Latinx / Latine Writers
  • LGBTQIA+ Writers
  • Native and Indigenous Writers
  • Middle Eastern/North African (MENA) Writers
  • Muslim Writers
  • Veteran Writers
  • Writers with Disabilities

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