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Inevitable Foundation Concierge – Connecting to Disabled Writers

A personalized concierge service that links showrunners and creative executives with disabled writers who are perfect for their projects, from Inevitable Foundation.

Inevitable Foundation: Closing the disability representation gap in film and TV.
Deadline article titled 'How the Inevitable Foundation is Fighting for Disability Inclusion in Hollywood'

Delving deeper than merely an impersonal database of names and numbers, this service builds upon personal relationships between Inevitable Foundation and dozens of highly-curated writers so that each inquiry from a showrunner/creative executive leads—directly and privately—to the right creative match for the right project.

Through this service, showrunners and executives can approach us with broad requests (“I need a disabled writer who writes dramedies”) or specific interests (”I need a talented female comedy writer who uses a wheelchair”) and can soon be paired with the talent they seek. Even better, we’ll be able to respond with a curated list that’s fed by individual profiles—and with ready-to-share writing samples to match.

Via Inevitable Foundation:

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FAQ For Showrunners and Executives

What is the cost of this service?

The service is free to use.

How many writers are on the Concierge?

There are dozens of writers on the Concierge, with more joining each month.

How experienced are these writers?

The majority of our writers are WGA members, have professional credits, experience, and/or representation.

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Can I see all of the writers who are on the service?

We select writers that we think would be a good match based on the information you share about your project over email or the phone. This allows us to provide a curated and efficient experience and save your valuable time.

How fast is the turnaround time?

Within 72 hours of receiving your query, we’ll send back an initial short list of options. If this initial list isn’t the talent you’re looking for, we’ll work with you until you’re satisfied.

By reading a script am I making any commitment to the writer?

Not at all. If you find you’re not a match, we’ll keep searching.

What happens after I read a writing sample?

If you read a writing sample and want to meet with the writer for a general, we will make an introduction and then let you and them take it from there. If you want to explore working with the writer, their reps will take over the conversation.

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