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HUSSLUP – Talent Discovery Tool

HUSSLUP is an inclusive professional network that connects creative talent with each other and with the studios and production companies that need to hire them.

Read and watch to learn more about their suite of staffing tools, including ReFrame Stamp reporting.

"When you're looking to fill a role, you make five or ten phone calls, maybe to an agent or a manager, usually a colleague or a friend… You're never really getting out of that small clique of people or one degree removed from them that you called in the first place. It makes it really hard to find diverse talent."
H Schuster
Founder and CEO, HUSSLUP

Source a High-Quality Team

On HUSSLUP, you can source professional behind-the-camera talent using detailed criteria, save your favorite candidates, and share your ProSearch with other stakeholders.

Manage Your Staffing Workflow

Organize your open roles and hires on a Staffing Roster, which can be exported to your budgeting tools and call sheets.

Track Inclusion

Generate anonymized statistical Demographic Reports of your hires to submit for the ReFrame Stamp, tax incentives, and other benchmarks.

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As a TV showrunner who is constantly managing multiple spreadsheets for staffing and outreach, I love that HUSSLUP will organize my professional workflow and conversations. This is the perfect tool to declutter my inbox and social media.
Sarah Goldfinger
Executive Producer / Showrunner

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