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HUSSLUP – Talent Discovery Tool

Launched in 2022 in an invite-only beta testing phase, HUSSLUP is a groundbreaking app that makes talent discovery in media and entertainment more efficient and more diverse by connecting creatives worldwide to each other and to the companies that need them.

With a variety of ways to search, connect, and even create contact lists by category, HUSSLUP is a useful tool for staffing up for a variety of roles.


"When you're looking to fill a role, you make five or ten phone calls, maybe to an agent or a manager, usually a colleague or a friend… You're never really getting out of that small clique of people or one degree removed from them that you called in the first place. It makes it really hard to find diverse talent."
H Schuster
Founder and CEO, HUSSLUP
Screenshot of the HUSSLUP app


HUSSLUP enables executives, producers, and representatives to discover diverse new talent through robust demographic search filters and to report the anonymized demographics of their search to internal and external stakeholders.

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HUSSLUP enables creators to connect with jobs, mentors, and representation through our Pro Search tool that enables executives, producers, and representatives to search for the talent they need to hire.

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Screenshot of HUSSLUP app
As a TV showrunner who is constantly managing multiple spreadsheets for staffing and outreach, I love that HUSSLUP will organize my professional workflow and conversations. This is the perfect tool to declutter my inbox and social media.
Sarah Goldfinger
Executive Producer / Showrunner

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