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The WGA Platform is an online hub for writers, showrunners, and executives to connect on jobs and development opportunities in features and television.

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A year ago, writers had an ambitious idea to use technology to level the playing field in their industry. Since then, that idea has grown into a thriving hub.

9700 members have logged in to the platform, averaging 2600 members monthly, averaging 7500 writer logins per month.

800 companies with 1300 executives have created accounts averaging a thousand logins per month.

200+ series posted, receiving 12,000 submissions.

140 OWAs posted, receiving 2,100 submissions.

(via WGA Platform)

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I used the portal. When they reached out, I also recommended a friend of mine, a pre-WGA black writer with experience perfect for the project. They read her sample and offered her an assistant job. Writers want to do the right thing. These tools help.
David Chasteen
WGA Member

The WGA Platform is unique and comprehensive – Users can search their entire database for a specific writer, or use filters to find the perfect writer for your project. Additionally, Showrunners can now use a single login to access their writer or executive account. All series are now organized under the My Series tab on the homepage.

We strongly recommend executives, producers, and anyone staffing for a WGA room to create your account today.

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