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Women In Film Los Angeles (WIF) provides several different 8-week closed virtual support groups on a variety of topics that serve the needs of different WIF community members. Support Spaces are free, 90 minute weekly meetings that take place virtually on our secure platform.

"It's the only place I've felt fully seen and heard in LA."
WIF Help Line Black Member Support Space participant

Ashley Merriman, ASW, WIF Help Line Advocate and psychotherapist, provides space for peer connection and community, as well as psychoeducation and emotional support. These confidential and healing spaces are an opportunity for women and non-binary folks to process their own experiences in community with others who are also grappling with the psychological and social impacts of themes like sexual harassment, racism and gender based discrimination in the entertainment industry, and living and working through the COVID-19 pandemic as a worker in the screen industries.

Past and current groups include The Black Member Support Space, Coping in Quarantine, and Survivors in Community. Participants examine their self care and coping mechanisms, share tools with each other, and learn how to build resiliency to maintain and grow their careers.

To find out more about future Support Spaces, please email Ashley Merriman, ASW at

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In these spaces, we often have discussions about loss of trust, including loss of trust in colleagues, friends and family, and the system at large. But as the groups go on, week by week, members begin to heal that loss by building trusting relationships with each other.
Ashley Merriman
Help Line Advocate

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