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HUE You Know is a 16,000+ member production resource group for media professionals of color that was founded by television executive Bree Frank in 2017. Comprised of international members of multiple ethnicities, HUE You Know’s principal focus is to create a safe space for professionals of all levels to post employment opportunities, seek mentorship and community.


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A Community for BIPOC in Media

HUE bolsters diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging. Their mission is to build community, provide mentorship, and foster employment opportunities for BIPOC media professionals.

“Within the group, we have Executive Producers, Co-Executive Producers, Lawyers, Accountants, Directors, Producers, CEO’s, VP’s, Artists, and many more. We also have Public Relations, Licensing, Marketing, Film & TV (scripted and unscripted) and radio professionals represented. We are dedicated to employment, empowerment, and inclusion in all ways and welcome partnership and affiliation with organizations with the same principles.”


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HUE You Know founder Bree Frank recently participated in the virtual event Voices: Women Innovating Hollywood, hosted by Prime Video and its Diversity Equity and Inclusion team. Watch the full roundtable conversation below.

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