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Launched in 2022 in an invite-only beta testing phase, HUSSLUP is a groundbreaking app that makes talent discovery in media and entertainment more efficient and more diverse by connecting creatives worldwide to each other and to the companies that need them.

HUSSLUP is building a platform where users can discover professional opportunities, make meaningful connections and fast forward their creative careers.

"What we're providing at HUSSLUP is a place for creative talent to put all of their professional information in one place, own their message, and present themselves the way they want to be seen."
H Schuster


HUSSLUP enables creators in media and entertainment to build a diverse global community through personal profiles with verified credits and vouches and encrypted creative samples. Users can connect with each other and create and share annotated contact lists organized by project.

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HUSSLUP enables creators to collaborate through sharing encrypted creative projects in their working groups and private messages. Creators can find collaborators and post opportunities on their social feed.

They also recently launched a bimonthly series of table reads designed to promote scripts from emerging writers.

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We want to drive community and we want creative talent to feel like they have a place where they can come and really build a network.
H Schuster
Founder and CEO, HUSSLUP

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