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Spotlight: DIASPORA

Created by journalist Dino-Ray Ramos, DIASPORA is not a trade publication, but it is trade adjacent.  It is a digital publication for everyone — specifically for gatekeepers who need to hear this news that gets eclipsed by the dominant culture. It is a publishing platform for film and TV industry news that focuses on multicultural and diverse representation via journalistic, high-quality, comprehensive stories while providing curated news.

DIASPORA in rainbow letters
Screenshot from DIASPORA's website, article on "Passing"

DIASPORA‘s goal is to become the leader and primary destination for news covering multicultural film, TV, media and culture in the entertainment industry — all coming from underrepresented voices who can bring a different perspective from the normal, white, cis, hetero lens that dominates today’s newsrooms.

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In an industry craving diversity and where inclusive and representative narratives have proven to be monetarily successful at the box office and on television, DIASPORA will give the comprehensive information, news, tools and services that will help answer questions, address pertinent issues and fulfill their needs about everything under the umbrella of diversity and representation. This includes people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, the disabled community and other groups that have a history of being marginalized.

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Headshot of Diaspora's Dino Ray Ramos
Public discourse remains very much at the mercy of dominant white perspectives, because those voices have been granted the most access and leverage. As they take the lead on what becomes the most widespread narratives, their ignorances and prejudices go relatively unchecked. This is how you come to have creative gems ignored and problematic trash exalted.
Kristian “Krit” Fanene Schmidt
Pressing for Inclusion

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