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Spotlight: CherryPicks

In 2018, co-founders Miranda Bailey and Rebecca Odes decided enough was enough with very little to no representation of the female and non-binary critical voice. So they started CherryPicks. The CherryPicks community is built on not only reviews & recommendations for what to watch, but also new talent, directors, and writers to look out for. Each film on the site features unique scores, based on reviews solely from female and non-binary critics.

Steps for getting "Cherry Checked", the Bechdel test, Reframe Stamped, and "F-rated"
Photo collage of iconic women in film and TV roles

CherryPicks amplifies the female critical voice by aggregating reviews by women, and looking at film through a female lens.

Even in 2022, women and non-binary critics, and in particular women and non-binary critics of color, do not receive priority access to review content. While various media inclusion initiatives aim to address this issue, the majority of film critics at major trade publications are white and male.

CherryPicks provides not only an aggregation of reviews, it also serves as a database of critics. We suggest visiting CherryPicks to discover writers that are a fit to cover your upcoming projects.

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