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Representing Survivors

Everyone who works in the entertainment industry should pledge to build a safer, more equitable industry by giving opportunities, auditions, and interviews to survivors and Silence Breakers. This includes never retaliating against anyone for coming forward about sexual violence, and committing to hiring on-camera talent, as well as department heads, crew, producers, directors, writers, showrunners, casting directors, and more.


"Survivors are more than brave; they’re also talented. And they deserve the opportunity to showcase those talents. In fact, that’s all they ever wanted."
Nell Scovell
TV Writer and Author
Women in protest at the Cannes Film Festival

Professional representatives (agents, managers, etc):

Send a roster wide email to all of your clients any time you see a casting opportunity that is specifically looking to hire survivors. You never know who on your client list is a survivor. Everyone should have the opportunity to self identify as a survivor in your submission notes and to indicate their interest in working on projects that are specifically making an effort to center survivors, give them opportunities, and create safer, more equitable working environments.

Hire Survivors Hollywood can help you to support survivors on your roster, and to connect with survivors in need of representation.

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