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In a public move towards transparency and accountability, Endeavor, the owner of talent agency WME disclosed in 2022 a detailed breakdown of its 7,000-person staff by gender and race for a second consecutive year.

(via the Los Angeles Times)

"It was really important for us to start to be more accountable because everyone can have these big goals and things that they say they’re going to do. It’s a really useful tool, and if a company is serious about this work, I would recommend them considering it because it’s a really great way to hold yourself accountable and keep moving."
Romola Ratnam
Head of impact and inclusion
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Endeavor executives concede they have work to do but say that disclosing internal data, which was shared with employees, is an important step.

Of the employees surveyed, 56.9% identified as male in 2021, with men comprising an even larger majority of leadership roles (65.4%), though down slightly from 2020.

The percentage of female employees was about flat last year (42.6%) compared with 2020. Women in leadership roles improved 3% from 2020, as more than half of the company’s 2,013 new hires last year identified as women, the company said.

In the U.S., 64.8% of its roughly 4,500-person staff was white and so was 75.4% of its leadership, Endeavor said.

But the company experienced modest gains in representation by people of color on its U.S. staff, with Hispanic and Latinx staffers increasing 1.1 percentage points to 10.9%; Black employees increasing 1.6 percentage points to 8.7%; and Asian American staffers up 0.7 percentage points to 7.2% compared to 2020.

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Making these commitments and laying out roadmaps, I think the key to it is the transparency. That’s really where the accountability begins. So without doing that, it kind of is a sign that maybe the intentionality is not really there.
Kelle Rozell
Color of Change’s chief marketing and storytelling officer

The company’s goal is to increase the percentage of employees of color in the U.S. to 35% by 2024, up from the current level of 30%.

Endeavor plans to implement additional efforts to improve diversity and inclusion, including setting up a structure to track its progress; including at least two candidates from underrepresented groups before filling open roles for external job postings; and having dedicated signing targets for underrepresented groups.

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