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Invoke Insights by Free The Work

Launched in 2022 by non-profit Free the Work, Invoke Insights is a ‘diversity accountability platform with a human touch.’

Invoke is a non-profit platform that specializes in capturing the makeup of a production privately & anonymously through self-identification and in collaboration with the crew. It is inclusive to everyone regardless of your background. With anonymously aggregated information we are able to drive the larger production industry and leaders with actions on how to support crew members on set and build pipelines.

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"We do not rely on cross-referencing from unchecked sources or checked boxes to be able to get the full picture. Unlike other forms, this self-identifying form gives each person on the project the power to tell their full story. Privately."
Free The Work
Free the Work

Many of the diversity tracking platforms in the entertainment industry are inherently performative and transactional, only looking to document graphs that are limited and archaic. Invoke’s platform is designed to provide transparency and accountability. Reports create not only insights but opportunities to connect with FREE THE WORK tools for proactive hiring.

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By partaking in INVOKE, you are actively contributing to the establishment of industry benchmarks that will guide how the industry distributes DE&I resources, how we approach production culture, and how we advocate on behalf of crews. One of the first pledges that we advocate for as we continue to build insights is a “Reflection” pledge.  This pledge asks us to look at the demographic makeup of the population in a given location, and to aim to reflect the makeup of that population on our sets. This ensures that all voices within a given population are represented within our industry.

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INVOKE is an opportunity to identify previously underreported information on the crew experience in productions. Results we are predicting include:

People being seen as unique individuals, not just check boxes.

More inclusive environments on set.

Authentic storytelling.

Increased accountability and the ability to set new industry-wide goals.

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