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Film Fatales Parity Pipeline Initiative

Parity Pipeline is a programming initiative from Film Fatales that provides a direct pipeline for film festival programmers, production companies, funders and other film industry organizations to connect with directors from underrepresented communities in an effort towards more inclusive programming and hiring practices.

Screenshot from Parity Pipeline website, collection of film cards with titles and information about each director

Through the Parity Pipeline initiative, Film Fatales shares curated lists of projects with production companies, financiers, film festival programmers, and other industry executives looking to work with underrepresented talent.

Film Fatales also provide access to a comprehensive database of projects searchable by content (genre, synopsis, format, etc) as well as by filmmaker demographics (gender, ethnicity, orientation, disabilities) in an effort to encourage programmers, funders and producers to be more mindful of all forms of parity as they source content.


Three young filmmakers capturing a shot

There are many barriers to programming and hiring at parity, including submission costs and access to diverse talent. The Parity Pipeline initiative bridges that gap by connecting underrepresented filmmakers with decision makers, enabling programmers to cultivate a diverse lineup of projects, and marginalized filmmakers to reach a wider audience. This initiative is designed to serve not only the independent filmmaking community, but our society as a whole.


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I want The Farewell to be a case study in how it *pays* to tell specific stories from unique perspectives.
Lulu Wang
Director, The Farewell, Film Fatales Member

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