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Creating Accessible Materials

To ensure that your marketing and promotional materials are reaching everyone in your target audience, we recommend taking steps to ensure your promotional and marketing materials, including trailers, social media assets, and online communications, are accessible.

If you do not have in-house expertise on your marketing team, we recommend contacting a disability advocacy organization who offers paid consulting services to engage in this work with you – we’ve recommended a few below.

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A woman speaking to camera with captions onscreen reading "keep reading to find out why you should add captions"

For video assets, ensure you have budget set aside and time to support the process of creating captions and audio description. For live events and panels, provide ASL interpretation and / or live captioning services.

RespectAbility has a list of recommended service providers, available at the link below.

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According to Nielsen Research, consumers living with a disability are responsible for a $1 billion share of the market. This figure rises exponentially to over $1 trillion when you factor in their friends, associates, and family.
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For image assets, alt text / image description should be added. Image descriptions provide a textual description of images presented in digital documents. These descriptions support the inclusion of blind, low vision, and low-tech users of all AAA products. This ensures that information presented in a purely visual format, especially a digital graphic, is accessible to anyone who may not be able to physically see the visual for any reason.

Learn more about the best practices for creating image descriptions at the link below. We also recommend contacting 1IN4 Coalition for their best practices.

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