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Unspinning The Spin: Dismantling biased language

First published as a book in 2014, ‘Unspinning the Spin: The Women’s Media Center’s Guide to Fair and Accurate Language’ has been re-edited and updated as an interactive online resource, accessible for free. Written by award-winning author Rosalie Maggio, the resource has been further enhanced by research of the Women’s Media Center, an organization run for and by U.S. and international women media professionals who are working to increase accuracy and diversity in the media.


WMC, Unspinning the Spin, guide to fair and accurate language
This resource goes beyond the scope of a dictionary or thesaurus. It’s the result of mining a wide variety of fields for accurate, inclusive, creative, and clear words and phrases. As a compendium that's easy to consult, practical, informative, and witty, it is indispensable for everyday use.
Robin Morgan & Gloria Steinem
Introduction to Unspinning the Spin
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Language matters. The words that we use to describe and promote our work in the screen industries have impact on our audiences. By understanding what constitutes biased language, in complement with engaging meaningfully with the communities represented in the creative content, marketing and communications executives can create safer and more effective promotional campaigns.

The ‘Unspinning the Spin’ online resource allows users to search for words and phrases and learn whether they constitute ‘fair and accurate’ language. We encourage use of this resource as you are developing language and strategy for campaigns and communications.

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