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Universal Design Toolkit

In 2021, with the help of many Disabled creators, director Nasreen Alkhateeb published a toolkit that will give Producers their first steps in creating a truly inclusive physical production. The first scripted toolkit of its kind, this will answer the question: what if we approached the act of physical storytelling with the notion that everyone is welcomed to help tell that story?

Despite disability affecting us all, most examples of disability representation on screen are cisgender white males.
Universal Design Toolkit
Nasreen Alkahateeb holding camera next to the ocean

Nasreen interviewed film and television crew who are neuro diverse, deaf, are autistic, blind, have low vision, anxiety, fibromyalgia, crohn’s, delayed sleep phase syndrome, and use a wheelchair, to build a map of how producers could approach their next production.

Physical Production, like most environments, are currently designed for non Disabled people. By asking everyone from our Production Assistants to the Editor, what they may need to help them create their best possible production day, the momentum towards diversity and inclusion will continue to grow.

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