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Creating Gender Inclusive Sets

What steps can you take to create a set that is welcoming and safe for trans and gender non-conforming cast and crew? Check out these best practices from GLAAD’s Guide to TRANSform Hollywood.


Steps to Creating A Safer Set

  • Ensure Gender-Neutral or All-Gender restroom facilities are available and accessible for all locations
  • Remove M/F checkboxes or use of honorifics from paperwork
  • Ask all cast and crew for their pronouns during start paperwork
  • Include cast and crew pronouns on call sheets
  • Contact GLAAD to book a training for your team!
Still from 'Pose', cast stands in a night club

Help make the trans people in your project feel safe by educating your crew. There are horror stories from trans actors and creators on set who’ve experienced blatant, explicit transphobia from co-workers both above and below the line. Don’t let that happen on your project. Share with people on your set what you’ve learned about being an ally to trans people.

Contact GLAAD

Bring in an expert to conduct a session on trans identities and representation at the start of production. GLAAD offers these trainings as part of its mission to be a resource to media creators. Many people inadvertently invade trans people’s privacy with invasive, inappropriate, and personal questions about genitals or ask questions like, “When did you choose to change your sex?” This creates an unsafe work environment for the trans person and can be considered sexual harassment.

A trans training session will create a space for cisgender people to ask questions that would be inappropriate in a workplace or social setting.

Contact GLAAD’s experts to book a training for your next production, or for your executive team.

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