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Hire Survivors Hollywood shares recommendations on how to support survivors, and their stories, when accepting unsolicited materials.

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"Survivors of sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry have faced blacklisting and retaliation for too long. We must commit to uplift the voices of survivors who speak out against abuse and support them in sustaining the careers they deserve."
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Make it known that your project, company, or production is committed to hiring survivors and creating a safe and equitable work environment for all.

At no point is it appropriate to require any self identifying survivor to disclose the details or nature of their abuse including (but not limited to) who abused them, when, or how. It is essential that everyone involved is trauma informed and respectful at every point in the hiring process.

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Here are some quantifiable steps you can take to ensure you’re supporting survivors when requesting, accepting, or reviewing their material.  We encourage you to actively seek out and accept queries, loglines, materials, and more, from self-identified survivors.

Hire Survivors Hollywood can help you design and implement all of the following suggestions:

  • Create a “submissions” section of your website in which submission guidelines are clearly laid out. For example, a release that must be completed and signed that will be sent along with the script.
  • On this submissions page, indicate that the stakeholder is actively seeking materials from historically marginalized groups including (but not limited to) BIPOC; LGBTQ+; Disabled People; Survivors of Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse; and Silence Breakers.
  • Create a press release to alert trades announcing the stakeholder’s partnership with Hire Survivors Hollywood and their commitment to providing opportunities to Survivors and Silence Breakers.
  • Send out a similar notice to all appropriate professionals such as agents, managers, casting directors, unions, and more, to encourage them to submit their clients, and inform their members of your new efforts.

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