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Wscripted is an online marketplace for producers, agents, studios and streamers to find and hire female and non-binary writers and source excellent works written by women*. Wscripted aims to revolutionize the discovery of literary talent by expanding the talent pool and increasing opportunities for women writers worldwide.

While 2020 was a pivotal year for diversity in entertainment, structural barriers remain intact and block access for emerging writers. Wscripted bridges the gap between women storytellers and the industry by allowing members to submit their screenplay, novel, or play on the platform. Wscripted then reviews, scores, and curates excellent scripted content & IP for decision-makers. Wscripted hosts monthly pitch series featuring up to 4 female storytellers to help producers & development executives discover talents and vetted projects according to their creative vision.

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"We believe that women writers remain underrepresented in the entertainment industry because of a lack of access to potential business partners. Our goal with the Inaugural List is to break the entry barriers for nominated women storytellers by helping them gain visibility among producers and creative executives looking to discover emerging female voices."
Ellie Jamen
Wscripted founder and CEO
Inagural Cannes Screenplay List recipients

Wscripted unveiled with Variety its Inaugural Cannes Screenplay List of top English-language feature screenplays during the 2021 Cannes Film Market.

The List highlights a diverse selection of 25 vetted female-written screenplays available for option or seeking financing. Among the nominees, 10 are from Arab, Asian, Black or Latinx storytellers, and one identifies as disabled.

Producers, executives, managers, agents and directors looking to discover female talents and their content are welcome to create an account as a Decision-Maker on

By clicking on the “Content” page, Decision-Makers can filter their project search by score, language, genre and format, and discover tailored project recommendations, rated as “Excellent” by Wscripted’s team.

Wscripted allows Decision-Makers to access a new pool of female talent and discover projects on the platform. Decision-Makers can connect directly with writers, their managers, or request Wscripted’s team for introductions.

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Inaugural Cannes Screenplay List

  • A BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY by Nathalie Marchak (Drama)
  • A KILLING ON PARK by Deborah S. Esquenazi (Thriller)
  • A FANTASTIC LIFE by Natalie A Antoci (Drama)
  • BLUE VEIL by Shireen Alihaji (Social Drama)
  • BUTTERFLY CHILDREN by Melanie Schiele (Drama)
  • EL TIMBRE DE TU VOZ by Gabriella Moses (Drama)
  • GOOD CHANCE by Tricia Lee (Comedy)
  • HURRICANE SEASON by Marya Cohn (Drama)
  • KIWAKW: WINTER'S WITCH by Nora Jacobson (Historical Thriller)
  • MALLWALKERS by Debra Kirschner (Comedy)
  • ON THE WING by Lynn Esta Goldman (Drama)
  • PEOPLE LIKE US by Caitlin Gallo & Brittany Harris (Music Biopic)
  • RHYTHM IN BLUES by Tamika R. Guishard (Drama)
  • SHEL by Beth Curry (Drama)
  • SLEEPING WITH THE DEAD by Dagny Atencio Looper (Historical Drama)
  • STAMPEDED by Sontenish Myers (Period Drama)
  • THE ACCIDENTAL FEMINIST by Linda Jane Walton (Historical Drama)
  • THE BUS TO AMERIKA by Derya Durmaz (Social Drama)
  • THE LEFTOVER LADIES by Farida Zahran (Comedy)
  • THE LIONS OF MESOPOTAMIA by Robin Rose Singer (Drama)
  • THE ROAD TO HEBRON by Lucy Powers (Drama)
  • THE TIDES by Isla Ure (Drama)
  • TOUGH OLD BROAD by Denise Deegan (Comedy)
  • VICIOUS by Sasha Pasternak (Drama)

A unique feature of WScripted is the option for audio review of scripts.

Accelerating your discovery of writers and projects with curated script recommendations and faster speed audio.

Whether you are behind the wheel or at your desk, browse through content with audio, listen to loglines and synopsis on the go or play a full screenplay in just 50 minutes.

Wscripted innovates with the first cutting-edge audio omitting script technical specifications, to boost your focus and maximize your time.

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