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Supporting Survivors in the Development Phase

Survivors and Silence Breakers deserve to be empowered to share their stories (whether they’re survivor-related or not), and be hired to develop their work. Since many survivors and Silence Breakers have faced career retaliation, decision-makers should consider meeting with self-identified survivors, regardless of past credits, for general meetings and pitches.



Hire Survivors Hollywood can help you prioritize survivors when choosing material to develop, and if a story being told pertains to survivor issues, we can connect you to survivors as consultants.

No projects should profit off of survivor's stories without survivor involvement, especially while so many survivors have been retaliated against for coming forward.
Sarah Ann Masse
Actor, Writer, Filmmaker, Founder of Hire Survivors Hollywood

Make it known that your project, company, or production is committed to hiring survivors and creating a safe and equitable work environment for all. At no point is it appropriate to require any self identifying survivor to disclose the details or nature of their abuse including (but not limited to) who abused them, when, or how. It is essential that everyone involved is trauma informed and respectful at every point in the hiring process.

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Throughout the ReFrame ReSource, you will find quantifiable steps you can take to ensure you’re supporting survivors in the development phase. Hire Survivors Hollywood can assist with these steps, or connect you to the people and resources you might need to complete them!

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