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Films With A Cause: Inclusive Consulting for Elevated Storytelling

Films with a Cause is a Toronto-based consulting firm dedicated to moving the film and TV industry towards meaningful and authentic representation. Based in the most diverse city in the world, Films With A Cause offers consulting services from a pool of internally trained consultants, encouraging ethical storytelling practices for a higher entertainment experience. Regularly hosting open spaces for dialogue, the Films With A Cause team is connected to a trusted global network of storytellers, advocates, academics and industry leaders who are committed to improving the quality of on-screen content.

We believe that the more specific the representation of a community can be, the more universal the story becomes.
Yazmeen Kanji
Founder of Films With A Cause

Muslim Representation in Film and TV Conference hosted by Films With A Cause with special guests Zarqa Nawaz, Aqsa Altaf and Nijla Mu’min

Films With A Cause trains their specificity consultants to draw from THREE key areas: lived experience, historical context and industry knowledge.

Standardized training ensures that qualified consultants deliver the best possible results for your production.

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  • ONE ON ONE: We match your production with at least one of our internally trained expert consultants to be available through development, prep, production, post-production and even distribution.
  • CUSTOM PRESENTATIONS: We offer custom presentations, specific to the needs of your production. We have a qualified pool of expert consultants who provide workshops on equity and inclusion, care and unconscious bias.
  • IMPACT INITIATIVES: We partner with productions to carry out initiatives for the community. If you are seeking to organize initiatives, events or screenings as part of your impact campaign, we can help.

Contact us at and follow us on Instagram @filmswithacause.

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