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Pilot Career Pathways Training Program

Career Pathways is a pilot program, created as part of the California Film and Television Tax Credit Program 3.0. That legislation, Senate Bill 878, contained language creating a training and outreach program targeting individuals from underserved communities. Called ‘Career Pathways,’ this program provides both life skills and professional craft skills training for entry level positions in the entertainment industry in film and television production.

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"Everybody would like to see more diversity in Hollywood. This is ultimately about democratizing TV and film production. We know there’s incredibly talented young people from lots of different backgrounds."
Sen. Ben Allen
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The Career Pathways Program makes counselors available to all students as well as access to a mentor who works in the industry. The importance of the mentorship aspect of this program cannot be overstated. In an industry where relationships matter greatly, the mentorship provides critical guidance and support for the students. The mentors are union members thus further strengthening the relationship between the student, the craft unions, and employment opportunities.

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The program currently has two Community Training Partners, who will work with production partners to connect to talent.

Hollywood CPR: Through partnership with West LA College, Hollywood CPR offers vocational training in trades and skills required for careers in the Artist, Crafts, and Technician departments in the entertainment industry. Hollywood CPR has been in operation providing trainees to the entertainment industry for 24 years. Successful completion of this program leads to union membership. Trainers and Mentors for the program come from the entertainment industry craft unions. For inquiries about the program, visit

Manifest Works is an immersive workforce development organization focused on growing careers in Hollywood turning real-world experience into opportunities for those impacted by foster care, homelessness and incarceration. To learn mor.e about the 12-week training program, the ongoing career pathways for graduates and the support offered, visit

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The Pilot Skills Career Pathways Program funds collected in fiscal year 2020/2021 will provide life-skills training to individuals from underserved communities accepted through an approved training provider. The Program expects to fund approved community partners to provide hands-on training, including life and professional skills for such industry and union positions listed below.


  • Apprentice Accounting / Assistant Accountants
  • Apprentice Editor
  • Cinematography / Camera Loader (Local 600)
  • Costume Manufacturing (Local 705)
  • Greens (Local 44)
  • Grip / Craftservice (Local 80)
  • Scenic and Graphic Arts (Local 800)
  • Set Dressing / Decoration (Local 44)
  • Set Lighting (Local 728)
  • Set Painting (Local 729)
  • Sound (Local 695)
  • Stagecraft (Local 33)
  • Upholstery / Drapery (Local 44)

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