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Hiring Databases: Pillars’ Muslim Artist Database

Developed by Pillars Fund in collaboration with and with support from The Walt Disney Company, the database includes profiles for actors, directors, cinematographers, sound technicians, and other Muslim professionals working below and above the line in the filmmaking industry in the United States.

Screenshot from the Pillar Fund's website of several artists' headshots
Lena Khan looking into viewfinder on set

Muslims in the United States offer cultural richness and an abundance of talent. These unique, multidimensional experiences, however, are rarely reflected in the stories we see on screen and in the media. Sourcing diverse talent is a crucial part of moving the film industry into a future that better reflects the demographics and experiences of our present.

The Pillars Muslim Artist Database connects working professionals and emerging creators looking for their next collaborators in the U.S., supporting Muslim artists and helping bring more Muslim creators into the filmmaking process.

At the link below, sign up as an industry professional to gain access to the comprehensive database of talent.

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Screenshot of the members of the Pillars Muslim Artist Database
The database aims to give Muslim actors, directors, cinematographers, sound technicians and others, who could help create more nuanced portrayals, the chance to compose online profiles that can be reviewed by those hiring for film, television and streaming productions. It was really meant to be a resource for studios, for the film industry.
Kashif Shaikh
President, Pillars Fund

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