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Hiring Databases: PGM VO List

Looking to expand your roster of voice talent? We recommend the PGM VO List – an extensive database of diverse artists. The database allows for experienced voice-over talent who are people of color to create their own profile, which is accessible to production companies, agencies and casting directors.

Woman recording a voiceover
Man records voiceover

Founded in 2020 by Korean American actor Edward Hong, the PGM (People of Global Majority) VO list allows for credentialed talent to create their own profile, which can then be accessed by approved registrants.

From Edward: “The main purpose of the PGM VO List is to present a large-scale showcase of global majority voices that is both representative and accessible to support increasing efforts for inclusion in the VO space. But it is also more than just a showcase. The PGM VO List is a community, a place of safety, and a foundation to which education, opportunities, and social awareness can take place. That is where the true purpose of this list lies and where the real work begins.”

We encourage agencies and producers to visit the PGM Vo List site to sign up and request access.

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The PGM VO List is the critical connective tissue that the voice-over industry desperately needs.
Krysta Gonzales
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager at EUX Media

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