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Casting Roles for Intimate Scenes

SAG AFTRA has created this helpful resource for Casting Directors with best practices and protocols for auditions for roles that require nudity or intimacy.

"With these protocols already field-tested by an ever-growing number of productions and studios, we believe we can make important and welcome industry changes."
Alicia Rodis
Associate Director and Co-Founder, Intimacy Directors International

As the hiring of on-set Intimacy Coordinators and Directors is becoming more commonplace, it’s important to remember that on-set intimacy starts in the casting process. For actors auditioning for roles that require intimacy, casting directors can take action to create safer spaces throughout the audition process. A commitment to following these protocols, as recommended by SAG AFTRA, indicates an overall commitment to ensuring that the workplace is free from harm and harassment.

Download SAG AFTRA’s helpful guide for best practices on casting notices, general audition protocols, filming and photography, and callback process.

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