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Hiring Databases: Muslim Casting

Muslim Casting (formerly Muslim American Casting) hosts a comprehensive database of Muslim actors, and also provides consulting services and toolkits to support the development of content centering Muslim characters.

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"I want to convey that we are not a monolith; we are a diverse demographic ethnically, racially, linguistically and dogmatically."
Serena Rasoul
Founder, Muslim Casting
Headshots of Yahya Adbdul-Mateen II, Fawzia Mirza, and Zeeko Zaki

Serena Rasoul is not satisfied with Muslim representation in entertainment. From stereotyping to underrepresentation and an absence of depth in characters, the problems with the lack of accurate and rich opportunities for Muslim actors and stories to be told are many. So she decided to do something about it. She created Muslim American Casting, a resource for filmmakers and Muslim talent alike.

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Muslim women come in all shapes, sizes, races, abilities, and varieties. Some wear hijab, some don’t—some wear ball caps, beanies, or hoodies. A Muslim woman is more than what she wears at any given point in time. Furthermore, of the Muslim women that do wear hijab, they don’t all wear them the same way! They wear them in a variety of ways and take so much pride in them when they do. You can still convey diversity and representation, but it doesn’t have to just be like a woman in a hijab.
Serena Rasoul
Founder, Muslim Casting
Lena Khan looking into viewfinder on set

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