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Free the Work offers “a holistic approach to hiring underrepresented talent,” which includes a free, searchable database, where users can create lists, contact talent directly, and view work samples.

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"We really want to move the discussion away from ticking the box of diversity and inclusion, to making people understand that they’re missing out on the best talent out there."
Alma Har’el
Director; Founder of Free The Work
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To access Free The Work’s global database of directors, writers and other key creatives, sign up via the link below.


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Maureen Bharoocha in a director's chair with her name on the back

One woman who has found jobs through Free The Work’s platform is writer and director Maureen Bharoocha. The film school graduate listed her availability on Free the Work’s platform when she wanted to get into the industry, and since then has directed a range of content, from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, to a Jonas Brothers special, to a thriller that aired on Lifetime — and is now directing features.

“It was just a way to kind of put myself out there – another platform to let the world know what I was doing, and what I was capable of,” says Bharoocha, who identifies as half-Irish and half-South Asian. “It’s really important for me to work with partners that are open and are looking for new stories, or fresh angles on stories that we’ve seen a million times. And I think you only get that if you have underrepresented voices or seeing a story from a different vantage point.”


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