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Unconscious Bias Training for Development Teams

"The most effective unconscious bias training does more than increase awareness of bias and its impact. It teaches attendees to manage their biases, change their behavior, and track their progress."
Francesca Gino
Harvard Business School

When considering what training programs may be the best fit for your development and executive teams, we urge you to seek out providers that can help you achieve these goals:

Understand the unconscious bias and its impact on decision-making

Identify key points where biases may be impeding increased gender parity and inclusion in the production lifecycle of content creation and delivery

Expand view of content when screening for gender parity on screen and at script stage

Establish a framework for conscious inclusion that mitigates unconscious bias, stereotype threat and microaggressions and increases belonging and engagement

Discuss and practice new organizational habits that mitigate bias

Create an action plan to take concepts back to team that align common practices to interrupt bias



Tina Mabry and cast on the set of Queen of the South

Where to Find Trainers

As part of their #ChangeHollywood and #ChangeIndustries initiatives, Color of Change have compiled a comprehensive list of anti-racist trainers, coaches, evaluators, and consultants.

This helpful database lists professionals and firms by location and area of speciality. We strongly recommend engaging with trainings rooted in anti-racist and anti-oppressive frameworks, and committing to not only an introductory session on unconscious bias for your development team, but to ongoing learning.

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People should reflect on how they spend their time at work and with whom. When they’re handing out assignments, do their choices indicate bias?
Francesca Gino
Harvard Business School

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