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Budgeting as Entry Point

Commissioning initial budgets is an excellent ‘entry point’ for new producing and production management talent of diverse backgrounds. We encourage productions to cast a wider net and offer opportunities to emerging talent that have expressed interest in these roles to assess material, submit production plans, research shooting location options, etc.

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Trial budgets can be commissioned from individuals who have demonstrated strong skills in entry or mid-level production roles, or those looking to make the jump from independent to studio projects – and those trial budgets can enable individuals to be hired on the basis of the quality of their actual work product. We encourage you to seek out women and other candidates of diverse backgrounds for this work, and develop the pipeline to production management and line producing.

Making the jump from unit production manager / production supervisor to line producer is a historical “fallout” point for women and people of color. How are you contributing to supporting talent in making this move in their career?

We recommend signing up for production database Crewvie, which serves as an excellent hub for discovering new and diverse talent in addition to managing production services.

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As part of her overall deal with Netflix, Shonda Rhimes has launched inclusion programs with an eye toward expanding the pipeline for below-the-line talent.

The recently launched Producers Inclusion Initiative is specifically designed as a nine-week virtual program to train indie producers, unit production managers, supervisors and first assistant directors, who come from those historically underrepresented communities. The program’s participants will learn from executives and key production department heads from Netflix, Shondaland and elsewhere in the industry with the express goal of minting qualified line producers for the studio system. In addition to monthly stipends while in the program, graduates will connect with folks at the two companies and others about potential gigs or other career development opportunities. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

What opportunities can you create to expand the pipeline?

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