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‘Call It’ App to Report Bullying & Harassment

Recently launched in beta mode, “Call It!” asks the staff of companies and productions that sign up to the initiative three questions every day for the duration of a project, the main one being “How were you treated at work today?” A traffic light system gives users three options to answer, with green indicating they were treated well, orange for “okay” and red for those who felt they were treated badly.

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What we need to achieve is a system that allows for an individual responsibility and accountability, but also collective accountability where, if we’re aiming for behaviour change and cultural change within our industry, we need to all take responsibility for better ways of treating one another.
Kate Wilson
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The app is entirely anonymous, and there’s no place for specific feedback that may identify the user. Those who wish to elevate complaints of bullying and harassment can access, through the app, their workplace’s “Dignity at Work” policies and procedures for formal reporting.

If a producer or production clocks a mass of red buttons in one day, the ideal scenario would see them immediately take steps to check in with staff. Companies and productions can also opt in to have a third party overseeing their staff welfare checks, for a further level of accountability.

(via Variety)

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“Call It!” is currently being tested with select productions and organizations, with a formal roll-out targeted for later this year. The app can be used anywhere in the world, and the plan is for it to be adopted in Hollywood as well.

The app was built by Hull-based developers Sauce. Specific details on how companies can set up “Call It!” are available at the link below.

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